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Sprenger fairRider 20mm Rounded Neck Spurs-Blue/Blue

Sprenger fairRider 20mm Rounded Neck Spurs-Blue/Blue

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Game changing dummy spurs

The new fairRider spurs from Sprenger offer an appropriate alternative for using conventional spurs on thigh-sensitive horses. They are a useful aid for horses that occasionally overreact to punctual pressure or even become defiant at times (e.g. by tail wishing or striking).

Compared to normal spurs, the fairRider spurs feature a revolutionary bow formed neck which is rounded in all dimensions. This creates a wider contact area, which provides a more broadly distributed pressure. Tests have proven these spurs as a game changer for sensitive horses as they perceive them as more comfortable, are more satisfied and show better acceptance. Due to the smooth and broad surface these spurs are very gentle to the coat, as there is less friction. The smooth and wide surface also makes these spurs very gentle on the coat as there is less punctual friction.

  • ideal for introducing spurs to the horse
  • gentle to skin and coat due to enlarged and smooth contact surface
  • for leg- and spur-sensitive horses (e.g. striking or tail swishing after spur-use)
  • for sensitizing horses that do not react well to conventional spurs
  • aluminum carrier with arched plastic neck
  • light and comfortable to wear
Product Code: S47613-020-76